2006-2009PhD. studies, TU-München
Title: “Influence of Frenkel Excitons and Charge Transfer States on the Spectroscopic properties of Molecular Crystals”
In the "Theoretical Semiconductor Physics" group of Prof. Peter Vogl and supervised by Dr. Reinhard Scholz.
2004-2006PhD. studies, TU-Chemnitz
Prof. M. Schreiber: "Theoretische Physik - Theorie ungeordneter Systeme"
Dr. R. Scholz
2004Complementary courses in physics
Organic Electronics: Molecules to Materials
Methods for Analysis of Materials and Surfaces
Applied Optics
Nano Physics
1998-2003Master of Science in Physics, Linköping
Theoretical Physics
Title of thesis: "Studies of Charge and Energy Transport in Poly(phenylene vinylene)
1997-1998IT-program, Sundsvall
1994-1997Natural science program, Palmkrantz Gymnasium, Sweden